With an eclectic sound that doesn’t quite fit into a box, NISHA is definitely an artist to keep an eye on” – Cultr


As a third culture kid, NISHA was raised in the United States but born Indian, in Nigeria, NISHA’s music is a reflection of their unique identity as an ‘Artist of the Diaspora’. Whether it was Bollywood classics, Indian Bhajans, West African lullabies, American pop, or the R&B and Hip-Hop that they fell in love with in their adolescence, NISHA’’s artistry is a synthesis of their worldly experiences and their outpouring of love for what connects us.

In the last year, NISHA has been featured in publications such as The Fader & Cultr, as well as on Sirius XM Radio, Spotify’s New Music Friday and NBC and Netflix shows. They have a Gold Record for writing Gryffin & Illenium’s 2017 hit “Feel Good.” They also wrote Lil Miquela’s hit “Money.” They are currently signed to Universal Music Publishing having written songs that charted Top 10 in India, Israel, Brazil and South Africa. After releasing 6 singles herself that have cumulatively surpassed millions of streams, she is currently in post production for a conceptual EP titled Paris. Prior to March, NISHA was performing in LA with her dancers. They have continued to feature in new digital music festivals with their dancers, while writing and recording for TV and film.

NISHA’s style is a mix of R&B, Pop and Hip Hop that celebrates their multiculturalism, queerness, and gender fluidity. Their goal as an artist is to empower people to embrace their worthiness, and fight for their happiness.

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